Dear Residents,

The Meadow Pointe III CDD Board of Supervisors has a vacant seat on the Board of Supervisors for the term of office running from November 2020 to November 2024. The Board is seeking interested residents to be considered for appointment to the Board.

Ideal candidates for appointment to the Board are residents who are interested, qualified and, preferably, with some type of community involvement experience. Qualifications require the individual to be 18 years or older; a resident of and is registered to vote in the Meadow Pointe III CDD Community precinct.

If you are interested in being appointed, please forward a biography and /or resume to Matthew Huber, Meadow Pointe III CDD District Manager by email at with a copy to Stacey Gillis at

The statute that addresses Community Development Districts is Chapter 190, Florida Statutes. You can contact Matthew Huber by telephone at (813) 994-1001 or you can email him with any questions you might have. Mr. Huber will need your information by September 14, 2021 for the Board to consider the information at the September 15, 2021 Board meeting.

Thank you,
Clubhouse Management